Hey there!

I'm Sonny

I love to figure things out. That's my passion and that's what I'm good at.

I also love immersive technologies, they will be the media vehicles of the future and I have figured out how to use these new platforms to have an impact on your audience.

My Career so far

My career has been defined by immersing people in an impactful experience that they will remember.

At Syracuse University I created several award winning projects that transport the audience to another time or place.

After graduating, I began working for Yahoo Sports as an Augmented Reality and Video Producer. Our goal was to bridge the gap between the sports world and the world of immersive media. I also produced award winning peices for Yahoo News, Life and Entertainment.

I am now working at NOWHERE as a Creative Technologist and XR Engineer. I both create beatiful 3D environments and write the code that lets people connect with others inside of them.

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Web XR
Unreal Engine
Spark AR
Snap Lens Studio
360 Video
Graphic Design


With wide ranging skills and experience, I can build anything you imagine.

Do you want to immerse your audience?

Let's work together.

Shoot me an email or a text and let me know what ideas you might have.

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