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The use of WebXR in editorial pieces is just starting to become mainstream. It is the future of storytelling and an entire new media vehicle to take advantage of.

3D and Augmented Reality embeds have been proven to drive engagement through the roof. At Yahoo we are pioneering this type of storytelling. Our goal is to engage and immerse the audience like never before, while also providing them a utility they would not have without these immersive experiences.
Yahoo Author Page List of All Yahoo Projects

Explore the home of Luke Skywalker in this immersive photogrammetry experience. Walk around using AR or click the arrows in the 3D scene to begin!

Explore a photogrammetry model of the Lars Homestead courtyard in 3D and augmented reality. Transport yourself to Lukes dinner table in AR mode!

Immersive tour of the set of Mos Espa in Tunisia using a model generated by photogrammetry. Walk around the village in AR or click through the tour in 3D!

Test your baseball card grading skills in this one of a kind augmented reality baseball card grading station. Get all five cards in the correct grade slot to complete the round!

Build your dream NBA team in AR with a 15 dollar budget. Make sure to share your team on Twitter!

Learn how to read baseball signs and test your skills in this 3D/augmented reality experience from that I created. Animations created with virtual reality motion capture.

This is a 3D shot chart that shows the league shot chart data for each season, year by year. Watch as the league shifts towards 3 pointers and dunks!

Learn about the ongoing war in Ukraine using this 3D interactive explainer. Each week the scene is updated with the past week of events. I helped create and design the interactivity for this piece.

A fully functional slot machine that will choose a final 4 for you with weighted odds. As March Madness of 2022 played out the odds were continuously updated.

A fully functional photogrammetry scan of the Big Wheel from The Price is Right! See if you can land on $1.00!

Photogrammetry of the costumes from Bridgerton season 2. I processed the scans in Reality Capture.

This is a 3d shot chart of Steph Curry's' career 3 pointers when he broke the all time NBA record. I thought of the idea and created the initial concept for this piece.

 I helped create this piece with Henry Keyser as the lead. I aided with composition of the different scenes you see throughout the piece.

I did the photogrammetry for the Wendy's, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Burger King chicken sandwiches for this piece.

This the Will Farrell's Buddy the Elf costume from Elf: Buddy's Sing & Cheer Along. I processed the photogrammetry model in Reality Capture for this piece.

This is a visualization of the states that the NBA top 75 players were born in, played college in, and played on a pro team in. It was created by myself and Brian Pincus.

This is the dog from "The Storyteller". I processed the photogrammetry model for the dog in Reality Capture.

This is a visual representation of how Emmitt Smith's NFL rushing record will likely never be broken. Over the course of his career, he ran the equivalent distance as from the bottom of the Mariana Trench to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I produced this AR/3D piece.

This is an outfit that was worn by a 9/11 survivor on the day of the attacks. It is part of a piece called Object We Keep. I processed some of the photogrammetry models for this piece in Reality Capture.

This piece explores the breakdown of MLB team payrolls based on how the player was acquired. It shows the different strategies that teams can take on the road to victory. Brian Pincus and I created this AR/3D experience.

Facebook and Instagram Lenses - Spark AR
We are also venturing into creating augmented reality experiences that can be viewed and shared across Facebook and Instagram.

As one of the first sports publications taking up this task, Yahoo Sports is also a pioneer when it comes to AR sports social media content. Click the links below or scan the QR codes with your phone to explore the filters my team and I have built for Yahoo Sports.
  • Football Run!

    Collect footballs, avoid obstacles and see how many points you can get in this football themed endless runner augmented reality filter!

    Click these links to play!

  • Fantasy Football Loser Face Filters

    If your punishment is to take an embarrassing selfie and post it on social media that expresses how much you suck at fanatsy football, these face filters are perfect.

    Click these links to wear the Yahoo Sports fantasy football loser face filters!

  • Fantasy Football Champion

    If you are a fantasy football champion and need another way to gloat, this filter is for you.

    Click these links to wear the Yahoo Sports fantasy football champion crown!

  • Fantasy Football Punishment Wheel

    Need some inspiration for fantasy football punishments?

    Click the links below to explore in augmented reality.

  • AR Football Skills Test

    Have you ever wanted to test your football skills? Give them a test in  augmented reality.

    Click the links below or scan the QR code to explore.

  • Price is Right Big Wheel

    Have you ever wanted to spin the wheel! See how close you can get to a dollar while taking it for a spin in augmented reality.

    Click the links below or scan the QR code to explore.

  • Touchdown Dances

    See famous touchdown dances in augmented reality!

    Click the links below or scan the QR code to explore.

  • NFL Playoff Prediction Slot Machine

    Tap on the lever to start and stop the slot machine. Try to land on your favorite teams for each division.

    Click the links below or scan the QR code to explore.

  • Can you Score a Touchdown?

    Play as the QB and choose plays as you try to score a touchdown. Share your success with all of your friends!

    This filter completely immerses the user, putting them on the football field with a first person point of view.

  • Yahoo Sportsbook Virtual Betting Kiosk

    Choose your team and bet amount and the user will be presented with a visual representation of what the odds on the money line actually mean. See both the bet and payout amounts represented with cash on the sides of the kiosk.

  • Tokyo 2020 Map

    Explore the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in augmented reality.

    Get a visual representation of the vast distances between the venues spread across Japan and improve your understanding of where certain events are held.

  • Tokyo Golden Medal

    Wear a Yahoo Sports gold medal around your neck! Try it on friends with the back facing camera!

    Also open your mouth for an added suprise.

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